Statutory Information

Contact Details

The name, postal address and telephone number of the school, and the name of a person to whom enquiries should be addressed is:

Mr E Carlyle, Executive Headteacher,
Warmington School,
School Lane

01832 280420

Admission Arrangements

The process of applying for a school place is provided by following this weblink to Northamptonshire County Council admission page. You will find our admissions policy on the right hand side and in our Policies download folder. 


Our latest prospectus is avaible to download too. If you follow the tab to downloads and open the prospectus folder.


Our Ofsted Reports can be found here.

The Ofsted Data Dashboard for our School can be found here.

The Ofsted Parent View website can be found here.

Key Stage 1 Results & School Performance Tables

Our School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State on the Department for Education's website can be found here.

The Inspection Dashboard can be found here.

School Curriculum

Our Prospectus covers the broad information about how we support the curriculum

Our Curriculum Newsletters provide information concerning termly themes for each year group. These can be found on the class pages.

The phonics schemes we deliver are Letters and Sounds and Read, Write, Inc.

Pupil Behaviour & Safeguarding

Our Behaviour, Anti- Bullying and Safeguarding policies can all be found on the right hand side or in our Policy folder in the Downloads tab.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is Miss Mikayla Aldous, Head of School

The Deputy Designated Leads are: Mr Ed Carlyle. Executive Headteacher and Mrs Anne McKInnon, EY Leader

Pupil Premium

The Governors have decided that Pupil Premium funding should be allocated in the following ways during 2015/16:

  • To narrow the attainment gap by providing additional support to all classes by keeping our adult to pupil ratio high.
  • To provide 1:1 support to narrow the gap for those children not making at least satisfactory progress in Literacy and Numeracy.
  • To support disadvantaged children on school trips
  • To support disadvantaged children in other school activities whether in school or out of school to ensure every child can participate.



Paid to




April 2016 – July 2017




Provides 1:1 & small group targeted intervention programmes across the school with all groups.  Children identified including PP through data tracking and teacher identification. 

April 2016




Provides family support for families in our school.  Instrumental in family support for PP child’s family who transferred to special provision.





Provides milk for FSM children.





School trips,  sporting activities (CJS Football) ASC

Pupil Premium – Indicative allocation: £3960

IMPACT: Data shows all PP children achieving well across the school.

Service Children = £3,600 to be spent  on TA support + Teachers

The Pupil Premium Policy can be found on the right hand side.

Sports Premium Funding

As part of the Olympic legacy, the Department of Education and the Department of Health have made £150 million available to all primary schools in the United Kingdom.  This equates to a grant of £8000 per school, plus an additional £5 per pupil in key stages one and two. 

To view our full Sports Premium Statement for 2016-2017 please click here.

To view our full Sports Premium Statement for 2015-2016 please click here.

Our supporting PE policy can be found here.


SPORTS FUNDING April 2016– July 2017





May 2016



(SSP Membership) 16/17

April 2016- July 2017

Steve Tranmer


Steve Tranmer Sports coaching Wednesdays

April –July 2016



cricket coaching

April –July 2016




New Netball posts, gym mats and sports equipment.

April 2016

Mark Bland Travel/Rodgers/Lawsons

£700 +

Coaches to Triathlon, Multisports and other sporting events

Sports Funding  £9962.00 . £4497 carried from 15/16  £5465 received so far 16/17 2nd payment to follow.

IMPACT: Surveys and discussions with parents, children and staff show that more children are accessing a wider variety of sporting activities, in and outside of school.

One to one meetings with children show that they are enjoying sport more and are willing to try new activities.









Special Educational Needs

Our latest Inclusion policy can be found on the right hand side or in our downloads folder.

Charging Policy

The Charging Policy can be found in the sidebar. 

School Ethos and Values

The organisation, curriculum and ethos of the school have been devised by Governors and Staff to deliver our main aim, which is:

To enable each individual, with his/her own needs, talents and abilities, to reach their maximum potential.

We achieve this by:

  • Making learning exciting, enjoyable, challenging but never threatening and having expectations of excellence whilst accepting and learning from mistakes.
  • Providing a broad, rich and balanced curriculum.
  • Employing suitably qualified and motivated staff.
  • Providing a safe, caring atmosphere in which children and all adults, including parents, families, friends, governors and staff, are welcomed and valued as equal partners in education.
  • Encouraging children to become increasingly independent whilst preparing them to become valuable members of society by encouraging good manners, a healthy lifestyle and mutual respect for each other and their environment.
  • Building upon and improving links with the local community and other schools in order to allow the children to develop a feeling of global citizenship.
  • Ensuring school premises are safe, secure, clean and appropriate for learning.

Complaints procedure

If you have a concern about the school, please follow the complaints policy which can be found here